Thursday, October 19, 2006

Luddites, Religious Fundamentalists, and the Singularity

In trying to play some small role in working towards a positive singularity I thought spreading the singularity meme would be a good, though possibly insignificant, start. Thinking about this a little more deeply, I'm not so sure. The bigger and more popular this idea gets, the more likely it is going to be heard by people who will vehemently oppose it without question. In the case of the singularity these people are the luddites and the religious fundamentalists. There is no doubt of the numbers and power/influence that these two groups yield. No light bulb will flash into existence shining bright over their heads when they hear of the singularity. These are the people in the top tiers of the American government who control policy, money, and sway. Embracing such an idea requires a critical, open mind, a trait sorely lacking in these types. They will either strike swiftly against it in fear of change or possibly ignore it through a lack of intelligence.

My question then becomes, is it best to keep this idea quiet fearing swift action against anything deemed singularity inducing? Should we go on about our business, seeing the big picture, constantly piecing the puzzle together towards this possibly fantastic future and merely smile to ourselves at other people's utter stupidity?

Or do we stand up and fight for what we believe in? Fight against supernaturalism and the all pervasive death meme. Fight against a life philosophy that detests questioning and criticism in hope that somehow it will get through.


Anonymous said...

Always stand up for what you believe in. Once the Singularity gains momentum and becomes too big to 'hide' from those opposing it, we will need a well informed public in order to bring it into reality. The more people that realize that the Singularity is an answer to so many of our problems how could they not jump on board? The more support the Singularity has by the time it is made a big issue in the eyes of politicians, the easier it will be for it to progress in the future.

Tay Ween said...

Thanks for the comment! I think once the Singularity becomes too big to hide it probably will be too late for anyone to stop it. However, there there are so many brainwashed people out there that they may oppose it no matter how great it is or sounds. It might that there is already too much momentum for them to even matter or maybe we really do need to start showing people what it is all about in order to make it happen.