Thursday, November 02, 2006

The New iPod Shuffle

I'm officially back on the bleeding edge of iPod with my new Shuffle.

First impressions:
  • It's small and light. Yeah.
  • Still manages to seem pretty sturdy. I won't be scared to take it to the gym.
  • Belt clip is strong, which is was one of my biggest concerns. Even if it does fall off, it's so light that the headphone connector doesn't unplug nor does it even pull the iPod buds out of my ears. I wish it was a wee bit stronger though.
  • Clipping vertically as on your belt, the forward button points down, etc. I don't like that. It means it was designed more to be clipped horizontally, something I doubt I will do. Not really a big deal.
  • Songs transfer a little slow, a few seconds each, through the USB to Headphone Jack converter. Not a problem for just a gig. Well worth the size reduction moving USB off device.
  • Oh, one more thing. It's freaking sweeeeeeeet.

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