Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

I'm going to go right ahead and declare this the worst peripheral device for a gaming console of all time. After getting this thing and playing around with it I am forced to conclude that the design team was smoking massive amounts of bananas. First, there is this weird rubber ear loop. Now I had to take a few minutes to figure out exactly how to put this thing on, and I'm still not sure I've got it on right. It doesn't fit over the whole back of your ear. Instead it sort of hangs like a cybernetic van Gogh lobe xmas tree ornament on the top corner of your ear. It flops around if you move and is crooked even when you keep your head still. If ever there were something to make you look even more ghey while playing online video games and dissin' n00bs, this is it!

So how about performance......TERRIBLE. Most of the reviews I read were annoyed at how sensitive the mic was, thus picking up every bit of ambient noise and driving others crazy. I guess Microsoft took note and decided pull back on the sensitivity a little. And by a little, I mean a lot. Now my clanmates are in a tizzy that they can't hear me.

The sound coming in is ok, and it syncs up pretty nicely though. I just wish I could use any other sanely designed bluetooth headset, but nope, Gill Bates ain't havin' that.


Anonymous said...

You should try adjusting the mic volume in your personal settings. I have mine set at 8, and it seems to work really well. You are right about it fitting strangely, but it definitely isn't going to fall off, so unless you are running around shaking your head while playing you honestly won't even notice. Sound quality is better than the wired headset for sure, it's comfortable (doesn't hurt your ear after a few hours of gaming, at least it doesn't hurt mine), and I feel like a special-ops guy when I mute/unmute. Could've used USB to charge though, that would have been nice. Overall, not perfect but pretty good I think. It helps that I only paid $25 for mine too!

Tay Ween said...

Yeah I think I tried playing around with the personal settings already to no avail, but I'll try it again to make sure. USB charging would have be nice, but it did come with the adapter so I can't complain there. I just can't imagine a group of Microsoft engineers seeing this thing in its final version and being happy about it. I definitely wouldn't use the word good in any description.

Sick deal though at 25 bucks. Where'd you get in on that?